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Permanent Cosmetic Makeup:

Intra-dermal pigmentation is a revolutionary method of placing natural mineral based pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven to be safe, and is the ultimate self-confidence booster. Intra-dermal pigmentation is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip tattoos. LC, aka Lauren, also specializes in areola tattooing and some scar camouflaging. 

Permanent Eyebrows:

Lauren is certified in 5 different cosmetic tattoo techniques: micro-blading, powder-fill, feathering, etching, and pointillism. With these specific credentials, Lauren is able to choose the right technique for each individual skin type. Her favorite combination is micro-blading and powder-fill, creating the appearance of a natural looking brow line, extra hair strokes, and a brow which is beautifully penciled in. 

If you desire fuller, more arched brows, and/or you pencil your eyebrows in every day, permanent eyebrow makeup will save you so much time and energy! You can work, swim, shower, workout, etc. without fear of loosing your eyebrows! Alopecia sufferers for the first time can say they have eyebrows! Overly plucked, lack of arches, cancer patients, grey-browed clients can have the brows they have always desired! And, they will not run or wipe off… Brilliant!  Although “permanent,” color-boosts are necessary every 8 months-1 year to keep color appearing fresh.


Permanent Eyeliner:

Do you have allergies or have difficulty “seeing” as you put on your makeup? Permanent eyeliner is the answer for you! This is your solution! Permanent eyeliner creates a clean, classic line that enhances the eyes and eyelashes without having to use mascara! Now you can wake up feeling perfect! Eyeliner can last 1-5 years before needing a touch up. Eyeliner is available for upper and/or lower lids.

Permanent Lip Color:

Through a smile, a pout, or perhaps a kiss, lips are the bearer of our emotions.  Healthy lips can make you look young, sophisticated, sensual or exotic.  Likewise, thin, pale, colorless lips look lifeless and old.  Women across the world spend multiple hours and multiple dollars on lipsticks and liners, plumpers and glosses trying to get that perfect shape and perfect color.  Even with all of the available products, many of us feel our lips are too small, too thin, or asymmetrical.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to eat, even kiss, and still retain that youthful glow?  Permanent lip liner and full wash of lip color is the solution to rejuvenating your smile. Lip color lasts anywhere from 1-5 years before needing a colorboost. 

Areola Tattooing:

For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgeries, or have irregular or fading areolas, areola tattooing is an ideal procedure. Lauren’s paramedical breast restoration procedures are nothing short of a medical miracle! Areola tattooing allows women to regain confidence and femininity. Lauren performs a three dimensional technique to ensure the best, most realistic results. Colorboosts may also be necessary in the future as natural fading occurs. 


Scar Camouflaging:

Do you have a scar that truly bothers you? If the scar is white in pigment, permanent tattooing may be able to help “conceal” the area. There is no promise to fully correct the problem, but a consultation can be performed in order to determine if tattoo camouflaging would be an option.