Achieving flawless skin can be a constant battle. Pollution, stress, hormonal changes and nutritional habits can take their toll on the skin’s appearance. Facial procedures can help by maintaining the skin’s glow and radiance, while making you feel terrific! Like regular exercise, facial treatments achieve visible results.

In providing the best individual recommendations, AoI begins with a complimentary consultation and finishes with instruction and product information. AoI utilizes medical expertise and the latest cosmeceuticals, (combining cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) in an effort to enhance and monitor results.

~ $75 - $120+ ~ 

Complimentary Skin Care Consultation 

Sit down with one of our skincare professionals and let them guide you through a personalized skin care regimen

that is specific to you, your lifestyle, and your skin.  

The Classic Facial...relaxes the mind and body  

Deep exfoliation, maximum hydration, and soothing massage of the face and de’collete’

Leaves your skin and fine lines hydrated and refreshed

The Acne Facial … deep pore anti-bacterial cleansing

Deepest manual and chemical exfoliation, extraction of clogged pores, reduction of inflammation (redness) and hyper-pigmentation utilizing alpha hydroxy and salicylic acids – (Adult and Teen formulas for individual results.)

Leaves your skin calm and deeply cleansed

The Age-Defying Facial … rejuvenates, restores and revitalizes aging skin

Deep tissue, anti-aging massage technique combined with steam, unripened green papaya and refining mask

Leaves your skin tight, uplifted and energized

The Sensitive Skin Facial … cleanses, hydrates and brightens

Exfoliation, hydration and massage with C-esta serum and/or extreme tolerance products

Leaves your skin cleansed, even-toned and soothed

The Four Layer Facial … rebalances, remineralizes and rehydrates all skin types

Unique layering method utilizing natural therapeutic properties of the sea

Leaves your skin extremely hydrated, toned, soft, and smooth

Men’s Standard Facial … exfoliates and soothes irritation and inflammation

Specific exfoliation of beard with microdermabrasion scrub addressing in-grown facial hair
Leaves your skin polished and refined.

**Facials are complimented with both heated moisturizing hand mitts and your choice of organic essential oils

to invigorate the senses and calm the mind for a total body experience.

Facial Ad-ons

Extra exfoliation ~ Higher percentage hydroxy acid ~ LED lights ~ Galvanic current ~

High frequency ~ Electromagnetic cleansing ~ Enhanced eye treatments