World of the Body...

~Body Treatments~

AOI's body treatments use natural elements and the soothing power of touch to ease tension,

while detoxifying and polishing the skin. 

Enjoy peace and serenity as your skin gains moisture and balance.

Body Treatments ... ~ $100 and up ~

~Seaweed ~

Slims & Tones the body, Detoxifies, and Relaxes the Body

~ MUD ~

Slims & Tones the body, Hydrates, Firms the Skin, and Relaxes and Soothes the Muscles

** Body Wraps are about an hour long service. Exfoliant, Shower and Lotion is Included. 

Deep Cleansing and Acne Back Treatment

This procedure is great for back-baring evening or swimsuit wear.  It refines and polishes the back and shoulders.
 Treatment includes massage and exfoliation.

~ $85 and up ~